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Google Search Plus Your World
by LocalDigital
Google announced their new search algorithm a few weeks ago and local businesses need to create their Google business page now!!  Search Plus Your World (SPYW) will change the way customers find the local businesses they are looking for. As Google leverages their dominance in search Google social networks and business pages for local businesses will become as important as Facebook business pages. 

As you increase the followers on your Google business page, when your followers search for a service or product you provide your business will now be listed in their SPYW search results.  In addition your posts on your Google business page will now appear in your followers stream for all of their followers to see!! 

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Check out this Google video on how SPYW works.

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Facebook business page vs Traditional websites for SMB's - Which Wins?
by LocalDigital
Radio Station Facebook Page
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Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to have a website but as Facebook continues to dominate the social media world, SMBs need to create compelling and more interactive Facebook business pages.  As more SMBs start using new technology to create great Facebook splash/tab pages will their Facebook pages become more important than their traditional website?  The Local Digital Insider team believe that our clients will beat their competitors by creating innovative and interactive Facebook pages while maintaining their traditional websites and associated SEO initiatives.

Bottom line - SMBs and their digital marketing agencies need to shift their focus toward Facebook business pages/websites. Social Media Examiner posted the top 10 best SMB Facebook pages for 2011.  Check out the list here -  Here is one example that has turned their Facebook page to a great website.  Here is another page that is very interactive -

What is the best technology solution for digital agencies or SMBs to use for creating compelling tab pages?  We reviewed most of the tab page providers and selected GroSocial for our clients.  The two runner ups in our evaluation were TabSite and PageModo -,  GroSocial was selected because their technology platform provides the best set of widgets to customize tab pages for any of our SMB clients.
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How Important is Google Places?
by LocalDigital
BJ Plumbing Logo
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Google continues to focus their search results on local businesses.  As we work with our clients and help them with organic search engine optimization, it is becoming clear that a high rank on Google Places is even more important than organic search results for local businesses. 

One of our clients is BJ Plumbing in Orem and American Fork Utah.  Their Google Places search impressions have doubled over the last year.  Part of the increase is a result of the optimization we are doing on their places page but a large part of the increase is because Google is positioning Places listings above the organic search results.  We have positioned BJ Plumbing in the #1 position on organic but if we had not also achived a #1 rank on Google Places their organic search result would be below numerous other Places listings for plumbing companies in Orem.

Check out their SEO enhanced website. Try the link out on your iPhone and see the HTML5 website optimized for mobile devices.
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February 14, 2012
Google Places is a very important part of a digital marketing strategy for local businesses. Bing local is also becoming more important.

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